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About Karina Ledesma

Karina Ledesma has position herself among the best-recognized global leaders within the network marketing industry. She built an international team using her  Unique Leadership System which has allowed her to live of her residual income for over 14 years. Karina is passionate about inspiring people to achieve a better version of themselves.  That passion arose during her adolescence, when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had to find her way to see “the light”.

Motivated by her big dreams, Karina moved from her small town in Argentina to the big city, Buenos Aires. That’s where she met her mentor, who introduced her with an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. She knew that things were going to be harder for her, as she didn’t have all the resources to invest in her new business, however, she was certain that she had to succeed, no matter what; which was the main reason for her to come to the US with just her dreams.

At first, Karina explains, things were really difficult.  She did not have friends or family in the United States.  She did not speak english   It wasn’t easy to be away from her family.  She started to implement the lessons that she had learned about personal growth and personal development.   Her mentor told her that if she wanted to become a  millionaire, she could, as long as she stayed coachable and focused on developing her leadership skills.

Through this mentorship and fueled by her vision and drive, Karina established developed the systems needed to build her team and generate over $3 million in commissions and has created the life of her dreams. Now, she shares her best practices in her Psychology of Leadership Institute.